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Under the theme of ‘Safety in Focus‘ we would like to emphasise the importance of Low Voltage Fuses as an important component in protecting the electricity industry.

This presentation was produced by the manufacturers forming ZVEI, and gives an introduction to the technology of low voltage fuses, without promoting any individual firm’s products. The fuses used as examples are the German NH, D and D0 types. However the information in this presentation also applies to other types of fuses complying with IEC document 60269 and its national equivalents.

In addition to learning about the most important physical and electrical processes, you will receive important information on the different methods of fuse construction and how and where the fuses should be used.

At the same time we wish to show you what a safe and reliable form of protection low voltage fuses are, and what high quality standards the fuse manufacturers achieve.

And last, but not least, we would emphasise the many ways in which fuse-links can be used; after all they protect people just as reliably as they protect circuits, appliances, electronic equipment or cables and conductors.

And all achieved with a very compact, very inexpensive and economical product.

Installations should be configured so that the safety equipment does not have to act, but if it must, then it must do so with absolute reliability. If a fault occurs, the fuse operates before either the user or the installation is damaged.

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