Fuse links for the protection of valuable photovoltaic modules

Author: Dr.-Ing. H. Besseï (fuseXpert)

Fuses have been used for electric circuit protection since late 19th century. However, new technologies like photovoltaic (PV) power systems have been evolving with new equipment, new wiring procedures, and new installation rules requiring specific fuses and application guidance. Increasing demand for alternative energy and strong financial support by some governments has boosted the installation of PV power systems faster than commonly accepted rules and international standards could be developed. Many terms, definitions and test procedures are still undefined and used in different ways. This article is thought to give some guidance to properly select fuses for PV systems without claiming to represent a fully recognized state of the art. PV module and fuse technology are still developing and ongoing investigations and field experience may lead to different results.

To download or view Fuse and lightning Arresters article:

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    Merci pour ces informations utiles et précises!

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