Fuse or Circuit Breaker

Fuses are everywhere

White paper: How to ensure your electrical installation is safe and reliable?

The aim of this white paper is to assist consultants and end users in making the most appropriate choice of protection devices for low voltage equipment.

Fuse recycling

Author : Claus Deußer

Everyone knows how important the environment is to us all and how we must all do whatever we can to help protect it. Industry too has an important role to play, not only by employing manufacturing processes that cause as little harm as possible to the environment in the …

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Fuse and circuit breaker comparison

Author: Schneider Electric

Comparison of two fuse technologies and the circuit breaker.

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Which protection device is right for you ?

Author: Janet ROADWAY (ABB)

When it comes to fuses versus fuseless technology, it is not a case of either approach being intrinsically superior to the other. Each technology has its pros and cons and these determine which applications where either approach will be acceptable. It is therefore important to look at the characteristics …

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Fuses or circuit breakers?

Author : Janet ROADWAY (ABB)

Should I opt for fuses or circuit breakers to protect my equipment from electrical faults?

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Choose an eco-friendly solution

Why choose fuse protection ?


It is increasingly important for both organizations and individuals to reduce their

impact on the environment by driving and demonstrating proactive eco management processes and policies. For this reason, we need our electrical equipment to be certified as “eco-friendly”. How far are RohS, Reach, PEP , and other …

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Achieve Cost Savings

Fuses can help reduce costs at each hase of your project!

  • Reduce your design costs by shortening design leadtimes
  • Increase your supplier base by mixing brands
  • Minimise purchasing costs
  • Optimise maintenance costs

Initial costs

Price comparison between breaker and fuse solution (250A):

  • Breaker solution is a Thermic/Magnetic standard toggle Molded Case Circuit (MCB) …

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