MV Fuses

MV fuses are designed to protect systems and equipment at voltages above 1KV and up to 72.5KVac. They provide coordination and system protection for distribution grids and play a vital role in protecting against high power faults. MV Fuses are and always will be the preferred protective device for their superior current limitation, cost, size and ease of coordination.

MV Fuse Options:

  1. Overhead line protection – expulsion links
  2. Substation and transformer protection, powder filled fuse links
  3. Substation, oil filled switch gear protection, oil tight fuse links
  4. High voltage motor protection, special motor fuse links

April 29, 2015

In this webinar, experts from Eaton’s Bussmann present the key considerations of fuse selection for protecting high voltage components within the system architecture of hybrid and electric vehicles.

Download the slides:

High voltage DC fuse protection for hybrids and EVs by Sam Mudge, Product Manager, & Saffiya Osman, Field Application Engineer, Eaton