LV Fuses

LV fuses are used in many industrial, commercial and utility applications and still prove the optimum choice for circuit protection. Available in voltages up to 690V (IEC) they are available to suit almost any applications. They provide easy coordination, are small and cost effective to use.

Fuse Options:

  1. Standard general purpose links gG
  2. Motor protection links gM and aM
  3. 415V compact sizes
  4. Standard ranges for all applications
  5. Variations to suite local markets throughout Europe

Where to supply the fuse solution: key applications

Motor starters

Overload: the thermical relay will open the contactor. Fuses won’t blow (aM type).
Short circuits: Fuses will blow, protecting the contactor without any material expulsion.
For motor starter applications, logistics issues can be a thing of the past if you maintain fuse stocks.
Other advantages:

  • Type 2 coordination thanks to the high limitation
  • Overall cost is generally lower compared with a breaker solution.


Phase loss risk with fuses
1) Use a therma relay that includes a phase loss contact (recent relay always have it)
2) Use a fuse blown relay and stricker fuses or a FMD product.

In all cases, the contactor will open and prevent any motor damage.

Main protection of OEM panel boards

As the short circuit level of a customer’s installation is unknown, it is vital to use a fuse that guarantees a minimum protection level of 100kA.