Fuse Applications

Fuse technology is highly versatile and can be used in the following key applications:

Fuses are the most cost effective, readily available and space efficient option for circuit protection particulary when compared with expensive, large circuit breakers. In the majority of applications, fuses provide faster and better current limitation than the alternative protection method.

Medium Voltage:

  • Utility power distribution
  • Overhead line protection
  • Underground cable protection
  • Substations
  • Heavy industry

Low Voltage:

  • Power distribution
  • Utility networks
  • Commercial buildings
  • Industrial sites
  • Machine protection
  • Automation

High Speed:

  • Power conversion protection
  • Railways
  • Electrical cars
  • Photovoltaic infrastructure
  • Industrial and commercial applications

Solar Fuses / PV

PV fuses are used to protect components within a solar PV array. This can range from individual panel protection to string or complete array protection. PV fuses are specifically designed for such applications and are rated up to 1500VDC making them the only choice to protect your investment. Other forms of protection are either not …

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MV Fuses

MV fuses are designed to protect systems and equipment at voltages above 1KV and up to 72.5KVac. They provide coordination and system protection for distribution grids and play a vital role in protecting against high power faults. MV Fuses are and always will be the preferred protective device for their superior current limitation, cost, size …

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High Speed Fuse Application Guide

High Speed Fuses

High speed fuses are used to protect various semiconductor devices such as IGBTs, GTOs, thyristors, diodes. High speed fuses can offer protection to inverters, inverter drives, AC to DC converters, soft starters, UPS systems. High speed fuses are the best option for semiconductor protection, with the ability to operate in < 1ms unlike the latest …

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DC Fuses

DC fuses are becoming more common acrossmany applications. They are widely used for battery and battery cable protection including back up power supplies and electric vehicles. Photovoltaic installations also require special DC fuses to handle faults associated with such applications. The DC fuse design is uniquely equipped to cope with the special conditions required to …

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LV Fuses

LV fuses are used in many industrial, commercial and utility applications and still prove the optimum choice for circuit protection. Available in voltages up to 690V (IEC) they are available to suit almost any applications. They provide easy coordination, are small and cost effective to use.

Fuse Options:

  • Standard general purpose links gG
  • Motor protection links …
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    NH Fuses

    NH fuse links are the industry standard fuse for all general commercial and industrial applications, widely used for general distribution circuits for lighting, power distribution and machine protection.

    Designed to IEC60269 fuse dimensions, coordination and operating characteristics are all standardized making selection easy.

    NH Fuse Options:

  • 500V standard and dual indicator
  • 690V standard and dual …
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