Electrical Safety

White paper: How to ensure your electrical installation is safe and reliable?

The aim of this white paper is to assist consultants and end users in making the most appropriate choice of protection devices for low voltage equipment.

Current diversion around fragmented wire

Author : Michael J Taylor

This paper explores the physical processes that occur during the electrical explosio of fuse wires, particularly the woltage spike that occurs shortly after the wire melts in high-inductance circuits.

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Fuse link advantages

Author: MERSEN / Ferraz Shawmut 

The fuse can protect people and equipments against possible component explosions because it can stop the rise of the short circuit current within milliseconds or less. Calculations and tests show the arc flash energy is drastically reduced when a fuse limits the peak value of the current. The …

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Fuse technology improvements

Author: Chris Jones

Despite the operating principle – the melting of the element that is – being essentially unchanged, it would be a mistake to think that fuses have not evolved considerably. Performance has been improved by better understanding fuse behaviour through the use of computer modelling techniques. Moreover, improved performance characteristics now …

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