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Fuses Terminology


High Rupturing Capacity – the ability of a fuse link to interrupt high fault currents

Rated Voltage

The maximum voltage the fuse link is designed to interrupt

Current Rating

The value of current a fuse link will carry continuously without deterioration.

Rated breaking capacity

The highest value of current the fuse has been tested …

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Fuse school: test the e-learning modules!

Test your knowledge with our quiz.

Please make sure you read each module before attempting the related quiz…


Fuse school module Subject Matching quiz ProFuse Fuse School Module 1 Introduction to Electricity and Fuse Basics Click here ProFuse Fuse School Module 2 Fuse Selection Method Click here ProFuse Fuse School Module 3 British Standard …

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Photovoltaic System Protection application guide cover picture

Fuses application guides

You will find below some specific fuses application guides.


Third Rail Fuse Link application guide.pdf Photovoltaic System Protection application guide.pdf

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Media Center

Discover the main benefits of the fuse protection in 1 minute! More videos:

  • Fuse Vs Circuit breaker:
  • Electromagnetic forces – non limiting breaker:
  • Electromagnetic forces – limiting breaker:
  • Electromagnetic forces – fuses:
  • Type 1 coordination:
  • Type 2 Coordination:
  • Slow Motion Electrical Arc Profuse International:

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Here you will find all of the main definitions on relating to fuses and electrical equipment.

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