BEAMA guide to low voltage switch fusegear devices

The selection, specification or recommendation of equipment for a particular application can be critical and carries a great deal of responsibility. It is reassuring to know that modern fuse and switchgear is the result of extensive research and cumulative knowledge gained over more than a century.

Fuse developments have been incremental, with the emphasis on increased performance, increased safety and the use of modern materials. Computer modelling of the fuse-link behaviour is now helping designers to develop more compact and modular devices. New technology is ensuring that fuse-links are evolving to meet today’s increasing technological demands such as full-range high-speed fuse-links for the protection of semiconductors and fuse-links for the protection of Photo Voltaic (PV) modules and arrays.

This guide considers switching devices according to BS EN 60947-3. Other standards may apply for switches for household and similar applications. This guide starts from the fuse and continues through to various types of switchgear and fusegear. It is intended as an introduction to fuse and switchgear solutions available from BEAMA members.

BEAMA guide to low voltage switch fusegear devices