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The fuse is recognised as a proven technology in the protection against overcurrents and their associated risks – yet its evolution is continuous, with ongoing investment in design and engineering in order to adapt the technology for important new applications and emerging market needs.

Our job is to ensure that, as an industry, we remain at the forefront of fuse technology development and the promotion of optimised electrical protection systems.

Whether reinforcing the safety benefits for users, promoting the reliability of an installation or the cost savings in terms of design, purchase and maintenance – or even educating the market on the considerable environmental benefits of fuses – our role is to educate and inform.

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Simon Pinkney, Pro Fuse International

“Our remit is to help create solutions to the most critical electrical protection challenges that we face now – and in the future – by sharing the collective expertise of our members to better promote fuse technology and applications. We encourage dialogue between industry professionals, and promote events and conferences as well as providing our online resources including technical articles, videos and presentations.

More than ever, the fuse is today’s solution for a growing number of electrical applications – Pro Fuse International and its embers will play a vital role in addressing the most important industry challenges – of today and tomorrow.”


Retrouvez ici la liste des principaux salons mondiaux auxquels participent les fabricants de Solutions Fusible.

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The vital interface for all fuse-solution manufacturers.

Pro Fuse International is not only an association. It is a close-knit community, made up of manufacturers which are passionate about the advantages of – and advances in – fuse technology.

Whilst the association is expanding continously, it retains the benefits of its origin as a small and …

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